Monday, February 11, 2008

Dog Shit and Favorite Mugs

Yes. Dog shit. This morning Rich and I woke up at the same time. One would think that was a good thing because it meant Rich wouldn't be THAT late for work. And in a normal household, that would be correct. But you see, as I'm sure I have mentioned before, I NEED to get up first so that I can check the kitchen for dog shit. And this morning, as Rich was putting on his robe, I FLEW out of the room and into the kitchen to find... dog shit. Thanks Emma. So while Rich was getting Livvie out of bed I sped over to the stash of plastic grocery bags and grabbed up the dog shit and threw it in the garbage in approximately 3.5 seconds. This prevented Rich from discovering the transgression and killing the culprit involved. However, I have not been speaking to said culprit all day. Hey, why should I?

As for the second transgression this morning... well, Rich used one of my two favorite mugs. I have a kitty cat mug and a Maryland crab mug. The kitty cat mug was in the dishwasher. Rich came out of the kitchen with MY mug in his hands. I froze. I said, "HEY. That's my mug!" He said, "It's A mug." I then had to go into the cabinet and find a mug that I could tolerate. It ended up being an X-Files mug that had once been my favorite but has been cast aside since the acquisition of kitty cat and crabs. My coffee then tasted meh.

I am pathetic.

(For those wondering, the order of mugs goes like this:

Kitty Cat
X-Files 2
Chessie Systems
Halloween Cat

All others are free and clear for Rich to use.)


Nina said...

Just put everyone in the freezer.

jennyquarx said...

I totally understand and you are definitely well within your rights to get pissed about the coffee mugs. If Zac used "London" or "The Dog Fud Far Side" one I might hurt him. Sorry about the dog shit.

Michele said...

I totally get it. I have MY mugs too. and I don't even drink coffee. I also have MY cups. He is forever using my klingon cups. the petaQ.

Cyn said...

All the mugs are mine. All mine!!!! Actually I do not mind sharing. I tend to keep the otter mug but it has otters on it, so I feel I must.

PS Am using my laptop in bed now. I love this!

Jennifer said...

I totally get it.

I have mugs, and SPOONS and PLATES that are mine. A knows to leave them alone!

Julie said...

Cyn- I am so jealous that you need share your mugs with no one.

Michele- I'd kill him for using the Klingon cups. That's like when Rich used my Darth Vader glass and it broke. It was approx. 20 years old. Remember the glasses that Burger King put out with the release of each movie? Well I had all of them. Not anymore...